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Doug Cathcart, Owner/Driver

You could say that Doug has racing in his blood.  As the son of a small engine shop owner he literally ‘grew up in the shop’ surrounded by tools, machinery, race cars and motors of all shapes and sizes.  At age 10 he started his racing career in a go-kart.  In 1984 he joined the National Capital Kart Club in Ottawa where he captured the junior light four cycle championship.  The following year he claimed the senior light championship not only in the National Capital Kart Club, but also in the Quyon Kart Club and the Outlaw Series.

In 1991 Doug traded in his go-kart and started racing cars with CASCAR, first at the local stock car track Capital City Speedway, later at l’Autodrome St. Eustache in Quebec, and finally joined Canada’s premier CASCAR Super Series which took him to various oval and road course tracks across Ontario.  In 2010 Doug started competing in the Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup (L.O.S.C.) series.

Doug’s accomplishments include a number of wins and podiums in CASCAR, 2010 L.O.S.C. Rookie of the Year award, 2012 L.O.S.C. qualifying heat race checkered flag at Delaware Speedway, and 2013 L.O.S.C. Hard Charger Award.  In 2013 Doug drove to a fifth place overall finish in the L.O.S.C. series.


Rob Snippe, Crew Chief

Rob has been crewing with Doug since his CASCAR days at Capital City Speedway.  His dedication to racing is evident in his long-term commitment and the countless hours he puts in at the shop.  Rob ensures that the car is in top notch condition for each race and basically, keeps Doug and the rest of the team in line.


Tim Le Grand, Crew

Tim, simply stated is Tim!  As the loudest and most animated crew member, Tim ensures that heated moments are cooled off with laughter.  Based in Milton Ontario, he is too far away to help out in the Ottawa-based shop however his close proximity to the various race tracks guarantees that he is at every possible race with torque gun and clipboard in hand.


Spencer Le Grand, Crew

Spencer is the newest member of Team 48, joining us during the 2014 season.  He hit the ground running quickly learning about racing, cars and team roles and responsibilities.  Spencer is keen and dedicated, willing to pitch in and help out whenever necessary.  He is a welcome addition to Team 48!



Christine Le Grand, Team Manager

Christine has been subjected to racing for as long as she’s known Doug.  She is titled Team Manager by Doug – apparently that means ‘in charge of all things except working on the car’.  She keeps charge of the team’s stats and logistics ensuring they have food to eat and a place to stay at each race.  In 2013 Christine was the L.O.S.C series Perfect Tire Sheet Award Winner. What a nerd! Well she can’t be all nerd – she did marry Doug!!


Charlotte Cathcart, Team Member by Association (I'm just along for the ride!)

"My dad's the best driver - second only to Jimmie Johnson".


L.O.S.C. #48 Pontiac Grand Prix sponsored by: Cathcart Mechanical Performance Inc.